"I just wanted to say thank you so much for love in lockdown!

I went straight to the part on the togetherness / space thing because that's been a thing for us for YEARS. I have read stuff about it before but nothing that gave me any real practical advice about what you can do to change it! I watched the video on my own but then when I told hubs about it and showed him the sheets he wanted to see it too so we watched it again together and actually talked about it without him getting defensive or just walking off!"


The global pandemic is putting huge pressure on everyone, especially couples with kids at home.

As well as coping with the uncertainty and anxiety, many of us have lost work, childcare, and the comfort of our usual routines.

Being in lockdown together presents a number of challenges for us as couples.

You can rise to those challenges with the support of BACP accredited relationship issues specialist therapist Catherine Topham Sly (@insightandconnection).

This course is made up of a series of short videos which will talk you through how to:

  • Cope with being in lockdown together so that you don't just survive but thrive as a couple
  • Recognise when a disagreement is becoming unproductive and know what to do next
  • Deal with feelings of overwhelm so that they don't get in the way of you being the parent and partner you want to be
  • Understand how your different approaches to coping with stress might cause problems in your relationship, and what each of you can do to avoid this
  • Move from irritated by to accepting of each other's habits, even when it's hard to get any space from each other

Each section is made up of a combination of short videos and PDFs with over 30 journalling and/or discussion prompts.

These are designed to support you to work through what you're going through, get clear on what you need to get through this, and have open, productive conversations about it with your partner.

These will help you to face the challenges of the pandemic together and get through this stronger than ever.

Hi, I’m Catherine Topham Sly, BACP Accredited Relationship Therapist and Coach

I specialise in helping couples to reconnect after they have kids.

I usually teach the skills that couples need to have a great relationship in small groups in a room above a pub.

So here's a Coronavirus silver lining for you: now you can join me from wherever you are in the world, from the comfort of your own home.

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Short videos you can watch with your partner or on your own

Each section includes:

  • Short, informative videos which are full of tips to help you to improve communication, feel closer and enjoy a better atmosphere in your home
  • Downloads to help you to work through your thoughts, feelings and needs and discuss them with your partner constructively
Invest in your relationship

Most of us weren't taught the skills we need to have a great relationship but it's never too late to learn!

  • How to deal with disagreements without them turning into horrible rows
  • How to calm yourself down when you feel overwhelmed so that you can be the best partner and parent possible

Come through this closer than ever

I'm ready to support you to make the best of this experience

  • Break the pattern where one of you wants togetherness in times of stress and the other wants space before it causes problems between you
  • Shift your perspective so you feel more zen about your partner's foibles

None of us would have chosen this and yet here we are: at home together, trying to make the best of it for ourselves and our children.

There has never been a better time to invest in your relationship.

Sign up for this course to learn key relationship skills which will serve you way beyond when the lockdown is over.

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